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    2008 FX Cruiser - Throttle/Cruise switch assembly replacement help

    Ok, so I've got the new part...the problem is, I have NO idea where the wires lead to get to the connector. I removed the handle bar pad and the wires disappear down a rabbit hole. The wires are long enough to go just about anywhere, so I don't want to start removing random panels trying to find it. Does anyone have a simple list of what needs to be removed?


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    Nevermind, I got it.

    For anyone curious...

    Remove upper handlebar cover - 8 philips screws
    Remove lower handlebar cover - 2 large (#3) philips screws
    Remove handlebar pad - 4 10mm bolts
    Remove plastic tilt shroud - 4 large (#3) philips screws
    Remove ziptie from wire grommet

    Open forward storage compartment
    Remove access panel
    Locate and unplug connector
    Pop grommet out of hull
    Pull wire and connector through grommet
    Remove button assembly using 4mm hex

    At this point you can keep the original throttle lever if you want, otherwise swapping it out is easy...

    Pull throttle lever and grab throttle cable, unhook cable from lever
    Fully unscrew throttle adjuster and lock nut
    Pop cable retainer and cable out of throttle assembly
    Reverse steps to install into new throttle lever assembly

    Reverse steps to install new button assembly and wiring

    Adjust throttle lever free play to 2.0-5.0mm - Measured between throttle lever and lever housing.

    All in all, pretty dang simple. Yamaha comes through again.

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