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    Jetworks mod on 760 pipe

    Has anyone done the Jetworks mod on a 760 pipe? If so, is there any advice for doing this? Is there benefit to trying to dry this pipe out or does it already run pretty dry?

    At one point I thought about getting a FP but many people have said the stock 760 pipe makes about as much power as a FP for these motors.

    I've searched a few times and didn't find an answer.

    Thanks in advance

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    I am planning on using an extra fcv (blue pro model) I have on my GP760, not quite sure where I will put it yet. I am skippin the fpp as stock pipe does make good power with the carbs tuned just a hair rich, I am pullin 53-55 on GPS and then it starts hoppin/porposing. I just can't see spending the coin for a FPP for this ski since the stock pipe works pretty well..There is a GP 760 partout on pwctoday in the yamaha (just saw it) section with a huge factory pipe in it... I am looking for a aquavane for mine if anyone has one (98 GP 760)

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