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    Need Help with 2001 Seadoo RX PLEASE

    I just bought a 2001 Seadoo Rx from a guy last week. The ski had been sitting in his garage for the past year or two. I took it out to the lake, put gas and redline 2 stroke racing oil into it (same kind as he already had in it), put it in the water and it fired up no problem. Let it warm up for a bit and started taking it out into the open water. It had no power what so ever, I had the throttle held wide open for about 3 minutes only going about 20mph. All of a sudden the true power finally kicked. I'm guessing the old gas finally cleared out of the lines and carbs. I was doing a steady 60mph after that and it had consistent power. My only problem was when I tried to cruise at low speeds. 5-10mph it kept bogging down to idle then coming back up. It even died a couple of times while trying to cruise through the low speed zones at the lake. But if I go half or full throttle it runs perfect without hesitation. Also when the ski is out of the water hooked up to the water hose it idles at 3300-3400rpms. Is that too high? All help would be very much appreciated!

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    Your carbs are in bad shape. Time for a full rebuild. don't ride the ski with bad carbs, the motor will blow up. do a compression test too

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    Quote Originally Posted by GGG View Post
    Your carbs are in bad shape. Time for a full rebuild. don't ride the ski with bad carbs, the motor will blow up. do a compression test too
    What compression should I have in each? 140?

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    Anything 125+ is ok as long as they are within 5 lbs of each other.

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    Sounds like the accelerator pump is not working. When you go through the carbs change the pilot jets from 75s to 80s. Clean the spigots from the fuel pump in the carbs and make sure the pump is squirting gas!

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    Welcome to the forum..

    Long live those RX..!!!!

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    Same thing happen to my 01 rx I rode it on the lake for a bit and ran slow for a while then it just kicked in and took off like it was brand new, I had bad cabs and didn't think anything of it I went over a wave gave it a tad bit of gas a BANG it was done, rebuilt carbs and put a bit of performance in it and new engine, yes rebuild your carbs and take a compression test

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