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    DJSA 2013 entry fees ~

    A good business minded friend of mine told me if its not paying off, you have to raise your entry fees - so I raised them up a little bit this year.. as was reflected on the new entry forms I asked you to download...

    But then I remembered what my Dad always told me, and that was to keep it safe and affordable, and then it would always stay fun for everyone - so I lowered them back to what they were last year, and then some...

    When I was able to pick up our replacement motorhome last week, all I could think of was that day at Suisun last year when you all presented me with $1000 towards the cause. Regardless of how tight things get on my end, we'll come up with a way to make this at least pay for itself, and the best way we can all do that is by introducing new racers to djsa.

    Personally, I don't know where you can get a better deal than to pay $60 for a full day of racing, so thats where we're going to try and keep it FOR ALL OF YOU WHO PRE-ENTER. For now, this is what we're rolling with in 2013.

    Vintage -
    550's $5.50 a day
    440's $4.40 a day
    300's $3.00 a day

    X2 Army - $50 a day because there's so friggin many of you!

    750 and under - $40 a day to try and get more of you guys back on the water.

    All other classes - $60 a day.

    Extra classes will still be $20 a pop

    Junior Time Trials and Match Slalom - $25

    Race Day Registration Fees will be $80 for all classes. Save yourself some green and pre-enter when asked to do so!

    Thats the best I can do for now guys - hope it works for you.
    I re-posted the updated fees on a new entry form available on
    You can kindly dispose of the old ones -



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    There are a few rooms available at the nearby Angels Camp Travel Lodge...
    Rates are 70 something a night and 60 something a night if you book fri and sat.

    I spoke with Angela, who she said she would keep an ear out for anyone calling about the DJSA race.


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