I'm rebuilding my old 750 with a 780 top end. Its been in storage for 5 years now with the most of the parts crated up but everything that wasnt broken when i packed it up looks to still be in good shape. I know im going to spend more in parts than its probably worth but I'm rather attached to this PWC.

Current mods:
780 Piston/jugs
780 carbs.
780 fuel pump
Ocean pro vortex air intake system
4 degree wedge
Vforce reeds(gen 2 i think)
Premix on the oil
What I believe is a 93 dry pipe although i was told it came off a 92

I have a problem right now with compression on the new cylinders. After assembling them I'm getting 118 psi on two of them. The middle cylinder however only has about 75. Its been honed and has new standard size rings. Pistons are stock as well. There is a small score line in the cylinder wall but its so light I wouldn't think it would effect the compression that much. I busted out the calipers and measured the cylinder wall to be 71.58 and the piston to be almost exactly 70.95 mm or so. From what I can find 0.2mm is the max between piston/cylinder. Whats the best way to go from here without spending a lot of money?

Also, if someone has a link to the full service manual can you post it? I have found various chapters but now the whole thing when searching the forums. I remember seeing it posted somewhere years ago on here but cant find it.