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    34cc domes in a NPV 1200?

    Got this head used, domes have "34" stamped in them. It is a Greater head. I assume these are 34cc? Safe to run on a 1200 with 92 octane pump fuel and a riva enhancer? Going in a freestyle ski so it won't see much extended WOT use. Thanks!

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    I'm guessing a 34cc head on a 1200 65u would put the compression in the 170+ range. Great for race fuel. I believe for a pump gas 65u you should be around 40cc.

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    170-175 PSI....way outside of 93 range....more so with advanced timming. I would not run over 160's on pump fuel....although short bursts you may will also have the pump out of water a lot making a ton of heat...adding to Detno problems....

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