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Thread: 2010 rxt-x 260

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    2010 rxt-x 260

    Ski has 66 hours, garage kept and washed after every ride. Only saw salt water once. Will include single Load Rite trailer as well as OEM cover. Everything is stock on the ski with the exception of the inline filter, tow valve and OEM bilge pump I installed. The ski has run flawlessly from day 1 aside from the supercharger hose blowing off after my first ride. B.E.S.T warranty through June 2014, title in hand. I'm looking to get $9,000 for everything. Located in Columbia, SC.

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    Jdoug , I'm going to be installing a that same exact strainer on my ski this weekeend. BTW very clean install i see all schedule 80 fittings nice!! Is there a need for the tow valve and if so i'm trying to understand why it is needed when you tow the ski. Whats the difference between nothing in line as opposed to the valve and strainer. looking for some clarification on this thanks . Patrick

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