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    1995 WAVEBLASTER HELP! -newbie!

    New to personal watercraft
    Got a hold of a 1995 yamaha waveblaster that had been submerged for a time during hurricane Sandy. Craft looks good as I am checking it over and cleaning -rebulding carb etc... Motor turns by hand with plugs out so no crankcase issues. Unit does not turn over with starter motor so i have to start checking starting circuit. Have a few hundered questions
    1-What does the fuse protect in the control /ignition box?
    2-What is the red plastic "key" for that hidden inside one of the circular twist off caps in body of craft? (facing rearward)
    3-Can you remove starter without removing exhaust manifold?
    4-Any one have a user guide? Dont even know what procedeure is to start unit!
    5-Had a kawasaki jetski 20 years ago--it had a hose hook up for backyard rinsing--Does yamaha waveblaster have this adapter? Where do you install it?

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    I had an issue with my blaster not turning over via the "start" system, and it turned out that the start box on the handlebars was corroded enough that it was not making a connection. i believe it was about 130 bucks for a new starter box. (in 2003)
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    Fuse protects the ebox from a short a battery hooked up backwards
    The key goes in the start stop switch on the handle bars. (Could be ur start problem...)
    Yes u can remove the starter w out removing the exhaust pull the 4 motor mount bolts (12mm)out turn the motor on its side and remove the bed plate (14mm) and u can get to the 2 12mm bolts holding the starter on.
    U can find a manual on line.
    Yes it's a ad on u can find them on eBay / alantic jet
    I'm Gona jump out and say there's probay nothing wrong w the starter motor it's self. As they are perty tough.

    Put key in. Make sure battery is good make sure u got a good ground.make sure fuse is good. . Hit the green button. Nothing.. On the right side of the gas tank there's 2 wires disconnect the black and white wire clips together. Hit the start button. If it starts ur ski will not stop till u plug that black and white wire back in... If it starts its ur start stop switch if it don't move on.
    Still don't crank what I do is open the ebox remove the 2 12mm bolts flip the box over remove the 12 Phillips head screws #3 u will see a starter relay take a screw driver jump the 2 post if it cranks the. It's the starter relay if it don't move on to the starter, pull it and replace it.

    Make sure u got good grounds.. But my guess is u don't have the key in.

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