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    2001 XP intermittent spark

    I have a 2001 XPL that is having spark issues. When I hit the start button, I get spark from the plugs. but it quickly stops and will not spark again until I release the button. If I put the plugs in, the little spark at the end causes a massive backfire out of the exhaust.

    I have disconnected the smart cable, replaced the mag cup, stator, pickup, starter coil and ignition lines. But nothing has changed. Seadoo dealer does not touch two strokes anymore, so they are no help.

    Can anyone please help? I am about ready to burn it!!!

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    You got the correct mag cup on with 4 protrusions and bolted to the flywheel in the correct position ?

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    how's your battery? Sounds marginal..first place I'd look.

    massive backfires can rupture the exhaust hoses..which puts you at risk of injury of flying shrapnel and/or an eardrum injury use appropriate protection measures (shooters earmuffs/goggles)

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