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    Seadoo xp 800 top end rebuild

    Redoing a top end here on a 97 seadoo xp 800. Anyway this is my first 2-stroke pwc rebuild, have worked on a few 4-strokes. Got a wsm piston kit, new pistons,fresh bore. My question is there are 2-orange/red o-rings about the size of a quarter, that came in bag with black oring for rave valves. What are the orange orings used for, where do they go?

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    I think you are talking about the orings for the spark plug holes on the head cover.

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    Ok thanks for that info! Anyone figured out a simple solution for piston circlip install yet?

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    Got the circlips in what a bi%$#. Anyway was going to start torqueing the cylinders down, then i noticed I have the cylinders on wrong side!! DAMMIT!! So pistons are probably backwards too. The little metal elbow nozzles on the rear of the cylinders are facing the opposite direction. Should be same direction to meet at t-hose. Do i have to remove everything and start over?

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    Your pistons should be fine (if arrow points to exhaust) but you have to swap the cylinders.

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    on the same subject of top end rebuilding seadoo 800 as well, have the top end kit got the pistons gaskets and o-rings.

    do the o-rings require around the sleeve,jug and head require any sealant? what are the torque specs for
    cylinders and head

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    No sealant required. Don't forget to put exhaust manifold on cylinders before torque down the manifold, will help align cylinder since they have no dowel pins. Also make sure and cut your rave valves so they don't hit pistons.

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    ok thanks!!! almost forgot about the rave valves ripping the rings off the piston

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