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    2 quick questions: trade 08 rxp for 10 rxpx? battery breather hose?

    Just threw in a new deka and was curious of what most people do with the battery breather hose? Do i just yank it off or will water come in?

    And 2, quick opinions on modding my 08 rxp or just save a wait for a good deal on a used 09/10 rxpx? Thought about trading in my 08 last year on a left over 10 rxpx the dealer had but couldnt make a deal. Before i start modding my 08 i ran upon a guy selling a 10 rxpx used. I could spend a grand or two and have an rxpx or use that to mod my 08. Thoughts? thanks fellas

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    Just leave the battery breather there. No need to disconnect it.

    Save your money for a px.
    Mod the px when you get it.
    They are near bullet proof machines.

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    I tie the breather hose it a knot and tuck it out of the way, as above get the px the bigger pump tunnel and extra hp are good they hookup and go!

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    Cool, thanks fellas. I really like a lot about the rxpxs, wish my rxp had the steering/throttle setup the same as the x's. Love the finger throttle as thats whats on my stand up.

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