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    opening day at captain pete's...oh the _pain of it all_

    I had the 2013 season soft opening today and I'm ready to swig a gallon of rum.....this is a you might be warned to just go to the next thread.

    first in the gate..a new customer ( yippee)

    "spring startup please"

    ok Seadoo biggee..till I pull the seat

    the flame arrestor bolts bracket bolts to the head were missing and the flame arrestor is flopping around..further inspection reveals that the flame arrestor broke the top of the carb off

    well it might run..let's see..oh no!..sounds like the rotary valve gear is screwed..ok..pull out the air gun zip off the f/a bolts and lo and behold one of the two bolts that fasten the f/a to the carb are snapped..and the head is nowhere to be found..

    oopps..the engine must have ate it

    so much for that one....

    Next up..Seadoo speedster

    "the last owner told me she disconnected the port throttle cause the boat was going too fast"

    now I kinda gave up on boats a couple of years ago ( I'm too old for this hang upside down and work like tom cruise crap) but I took this one since the Seadoo dealer up north kinda didn't want to work on it at all ( pretty common for anything over ten years old these days) and the guy was polite.

    a badly painted engine :rebuilt" engine and throttle cables that were just "in there" floppin around like a drunken least this one started up

    then a seadooo xp rolls in "mid range hesitation"...ok..pop the hood..flame arrestor missing and a paper fuel filter installed in the feed line ( not to mention tempo fuel lines)

    can't people who have no clue what they are doing stick to playing with gasoline and ants?

    and then the kicker.. let me just say that people sometimes they believe their skis are worth far more then the book value..which might be true if I couldn't find a bunch of red flag items after just pulling off the home upholstered seat and making note of the 2x3 they are using to hold the <dead> battery in place.

    Not to mention it's easter tomorrow and I got _things to do_ and I was about to close when this customer rolled in and got me to stay there a few more hours while the owner literally attempted basic intimidation to get the customer who came to me to get these skis checked over to buy his skis cause they were "good"

    I showed them all the gate and recalled why nothing good ever happens when I opt to stay past my normal closing times to "help" somebody. Luckily a regular customer had stopped by unexpected and from that work I can at least pay my insurance bill for the month.

    as far as the other stuff..."stay tuned" I expect the inspection skis might be rolling back onto my lot sometime soon....

    tell me I'm not nuts if you have read this far..a ski with 5 spots where the hull is dinged to the point where raw fiberglass showing is worth even book value? My ethics can't allow an inexperienced rider to get on a ski like that, one of my wife's girlfriends in an ER nurse and I've heard the stories

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    Damn man and I thought I had it bad. Hope it gets better for ya

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    A good friend of mine (Craig Ingram) has a jetski shop also and your rant sounds like him sometimes! LOL
    Only thing more fun than spending a busy day in peak season at his shop is at a boat ramp on a holiday weekend!

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    I was in a different line of work at my shop but the basics of what happens when dealing with the public were the same.

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    at least for me the really good folks more then makeup for the unwashed that I deal with. As I had to last year, I'm always ready to show people the exit gate when they become unreasonable or abusive. Being the only shop for 100 miles with the ability to make dess keys often puts me in that spot.

    happy easter everybody

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    To you "Happy easter", may God bless us all and the new ski season begin soon .... I am so tired of winter. I have been spending hours just pittling around in my gargage on my 3 skis. My cant seem to understand. But i know You All Get It! ha Ha

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