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    Thank You PWC Performance!

    Today was a good day. I was out on Lake Brantley down here in Florida. After installing all of the goodies from PWC Performance, my FX SHO hit 70mph! I have had it for 5 years and the fastest I had ever been able to go was 65.2mph. Along with all of the parts from PWC Performance, I installed an Innovate AFR gauge. I kept the stock exhaust and decided not to use the FF. Thanks to Jerry and all of the folks at PWC Performance for the great recommendations.

    Below is what I bought from PWC Performance:

    RIVA Stock Intercooler Upgrade Kit
    RIVA Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit for Supercharged Skis
    RIVA FX-SHO Top-Loader Intake Grate
    RIVA Pump Seal Kit for RIVA SHO Intake Grate
    R&D SHO High Performance Ride Plate
    SHO shaft holding tool
    RIVA SHO / FZ Performance Power Filter Kit
    RIVA Yamaha 1.8L Engine Breather Upgrade Kit
    Solas DynaFly 13/22R Impeller

    R&D O2 Sensor adapter

    The difference between the stock ski and what I have now, is night and day. It accelerates quicker and almost 5mph more on the top end is not bad. My only concern is that the AFR gauge was showing 12.5 at WOT. Isn't that a bit lean? Should I consider an R2 or Athena?

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    nice! now toss a tune on her and get flying!

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    12.5 at WOT? hmmm, I was under the impression that a mostly stock ski like yours would be running in the low 11s. Maybe the afr gauge needs a free air recalibration.

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    I will try re-calibrating before I go out again next week. Thanks.

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    Awesome results! It's always nice to hear back from happy customers.

    Thanks again for your business!

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    Thank you. Any recommendations on the AFR? R2 or Athena?

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    Your AFR is a bit more on the lean side than I like to see it. Ideally you want 11.9-12.0 AFR

    The reflashes are great, but if you plan more extensive modifications later you will appreciate the flexibility of the Athena or soon to be released MoTeC M130 for the Yamaha skis.

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