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    help with brand new ultra lx 2013 intermittent starting problem

    key in

    lanyard properly connected

    fresh jet ski with 2 hrs on it, 2 days of use

    almost full tank of gas, 87 octane

    oil level good

    problem starting today

    it would turn over and sputter/fire only when the starter was turning it. when the starter button was released, it would not continue to run. tried it several times. wierd

    after that, towed it for 15 minutes, then tried to fire it up and was able to get it going!

    do these things get flooded??

    is there a chance I wasnt doing all the right things??

    is the electronic start on these things perfectly reliable all the time??


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    I'm sure you'll get responses from the helpful folks here, but you are taking this back to the dealer to have it checked out, right?

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    is there any fault codes, a friend had one the other day and had a faulty coil..

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