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    No beep beep - chasing an electrical demon

    Hi all, I'm stumped.

    Last summer my 2000 GTX 951 stopped recognizing my key. I put the key on the post and no beep beep. When I press start/stop only one long beep. I replaced the DESS post ... but no joy. I fiddled with it a bit over a couple days then suddenly it started working again. All good right ... wrong took it to the lake and it stopped giving me the beep beep again. Same thing, key on and only 1 long beep when pressing start/stop.

    Computer seems fine, i can get into diagnostic mode (start/stop five times) and the error code is 2 short beeps ... which means can't read DESS. I can cycle through all the "modes" etc. on the computer so the MPEM should be okay?

    So i got frustrated and busy last year and the seadoo was put away for the season. Hello spring 2013! Better get the old seadoo up and running right! Started fiddling with it ... charge the battery ... jumped the starter relay to make sure its turning over fine a couple of times. Put the key on and holly crap BEEP BEEP and it started . Soooooo out comes the beer its time to party! That was last night ... today it was working great. I was obsessively trying the key over and over and over and over. Then suddenly ... no beeps ... WTF?!?!?!

    I've heard this could be a bad "ground" ... not sure what I should do next. I've found where the one main ground from the battery connects to the block, are there any others ground connections I should check? Maybe get a new battery? Should I replace the main ground wire? Not sure where to go from here.

    Something else that was interesting is for a while the beeper was really weak sounding yesterday ... about half as loud as normal. Today just before it stopped working again the beeps went back to normal "loudness".

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    Corrosion inside a connector could cause the problem, I would unplug and inspect the steering and MPEM harness.

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    Sometimes My 99 GSX 951 will not beep when I plug the dess in. But it still starts and runs. It is random on the beeping. As long as it works I can live with it. It must be a ground thing. I known my skidoo some time need to be wiggle a little to start. Sorry I couldn't help.

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    Same exact problem here on my millenium 951.... Desperate for advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by mainepilot View Post
    Same exact problem here on my millenium 951.... Desperate for advice
    I went through and checked all the grounds, in particular there is a ground wire on the stator cover (left side) that you can reach without having to take out the pipe. I'm pretty sure its the ground for the computer. I took it off and although it wasn't completely corroded it didn't look perfect so I cleaned it up with some sand paper and put it back on. So far its been running ... but I'm kinda expecting it to fail. Seems like too simple of a fix. When and if it does stop reading the DESS I think I'll replace the stator.

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    I would pull apart all connectors you can find and check, then pull all fuses, and fuse rails could also be your key maybe gone bad have you got another key to try?

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    Maybe the key is bad? I just had a ski in for service that would work fine with one key and randomly work with the other key. When the suspect key wouldn't work I would get one long beep telling me the key wasn't recognized, switch to the other key and it was all normal... I don't really know why, I was thinking bad DESS post originally.

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    last night my computer starting acting up again ... ARGH! working great ... beep beep every time i put the key on ... then suddenly no beep beep. But I was able to bring it back alive after some troubleshooting this morning. This is what I did to get it working:

    I have worked with the technology Seadoo uses to digitally communicate between the DESS key and the computer on other projects, its a technology from a company called Dallas Semiconductor and they use the 1-wire bus/protocol. I benched the MPEM computer with only the essentials, power, ground, DESS, and a beeper to try and troubleshoot the problem. I connected my scope to the digital wire to see if there was any activity, there was nothing, totally dead. The 1-wire bus when active the idle state should be high, but I was reading a low (0 Vdc). Because the MPEM was useless to me at this point I was willing to take a bit of a risk and introduce a "forced high" state using a pull-up resistor. A properly designed 1-wire network should be able to handle reasonable over voltage so a pull-up resistor between the digital line and the power supply shouldn't fry anything. As soon as I introduced the resistor to the network the MPEM came alive and started acting like normal! Whats really interesting is that the MPEM now works with or with out the pull up in the system ... this leads me to believe that something in the 1-wire circuit in the MPEM is clamping the buss low but without seeing a circuit diagram its hard to diagnose the issue fully.

    Hope this helps some else that is having the same issue, VERY frustrating. If a $0.0000000001 resistor can get back on the water, its a good day I'm not sure if this will be a permanent fix but i figure the longer I can delay buying a $1000 computer the better!

    Here are some some images and description of what I did.

    - 20Kohm resistor for the pull-up, don't go lower than this. A very weak pull up is all that appeared to be required.

    - Connect the resistor between the DESS white with grey strip and 12 Vdc

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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