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    2002 Gp1200r Crank install question

    Hi! New to the site I see there is a lot of good informatin here so i figured i give it a try.

    So here we go i have a 2002 gp1200r and about 2 years ago i cracked the crank snout, not sure how that happened but it was running fine all day take it out of the water and the next morning i go to clean it up and look inside and find oil in the hull. So using a mirror is see that my oil pump is cracked and the engine wont turn. Pull the motor out and start taking it apart once i take off the stator i see that the crank snout is cracked and stuck in the stator. Didnt feel like messing with it that year or the next finally got sick of it sitting in the garage and found a new Hot Rods crank cheap, so now i'm getting ready to put the new crank in and not sure if i would have to take apart the top end or if I can jsut put the new crank without a complete rebuild. Oh forgot to mention turned the motor my hand so no top end damage that i can tell. Any help or tips would be great..

    Thanks in advance.

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    you have to split the cases to put a new crank and oem only crank seals in. that requires taking the head and jugs off.

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