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    Need advise!!!! Looking at a 01 gp800r with bad motor.

    I looked at this ski this morning. He is asking $500.00/offer. The motor is torn apart half way. He thinks the lower half needs to be rebuilt. The piston is broke off and the cylinder wall is scorn. Is this a good buy? If I do buy it ill sell my 1995 sl 750. Thanks

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    I also have this in the performance section but I don't know how to delete that one!!!

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    Or I can buy a late 90's kaw 900 and a tigershark 650 for around $500 total for both.

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    Make sure the cases are not cracked. pretty sure the value increase is there, but hard to sell working for non working.To do it right, will need crank, and get the cylinder renicked as well as the other one at least honed and pistons/rings. First thing is to find out what caused the failure. I'm guessing carbs and will need a rebuild.

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    Look for a blown up 1200 or 1300. It might cost more to rebuild, but you will have a lot more fun I can tell you that. Since you already have SL750 I can't see a GP800R being a upgrade and I can only imagine it feeling sluggish compared to a SL with the bigger hull.

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    I don't think its a good deal. You will have over $1500 in repairs, AT LEAST, and then you are at the price of a decent running GP1200r!

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