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Thread: Ceramic washers

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    Ceramic washers

    I'm buying a 2006 RXP WITH 45 hours. Owner says original washers were never changed. Is it safe to use until the hours are closer to 100 or should I immediately pay for a sc rebuild? I'm guessing the cost at a dealer would be $500-$1,000?

    I could really use some advice. My 1996 GSX finally packed it in and I'm new to this high performance equipment.

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    Immediately have it rebuilt man thats a ticking time bomb....the relatively small fee now would be a good insurance policy for having to dish out money later for a new motor. Send it in to Jerry he will rebuild it for you and you'll be good to go. It would probably also cost less than a dealership.

    while your at it id knock out the 50 hour service so you dont have to worry bout anything else for the rest of the season.

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    Mine went off at 27 hours. If you are not planning on changing them you might end up with a 3000$ bill. The cost of metal washers is around 100$. Maybe you could talk to Jerry. Test the ski make sure it revs about 8000 rpms at WOT and 68-70 mph top speed just to check that sc is ok and then go for a change.

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    Welcome to Greenhulk.


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    Do yourself favor and have the S/C rebuilt. There are 2 types of S/C with Ceramic washers those that have failed and those that are going to fail!! Jerry seems to do a great job on S/C rebuilds and very competitive on pricing. I am speaking on the failures from personal experience. I think I owned one of thre first RXP's to have S/C washer failure. The ski had 72 hours on it and the Ceramic Washers broke into several pieces it was so bad I had to get a new engine.

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    Do a complete s/c rebuild.
    Washers and bearings.
    I just had a friend who's 06 rxp bearings in the charger went and it was an expensive fix because they went out.

    It's a lot cheaper to change the washers and bearings than to fix all that breaks when they do go out.

    It's a ticking bomb till there changed.

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    If your interested I have a 215 charger that Jerry just did a complete rebuild on $329.00 last year and since only put 3hrs on in. I'm currently upgrading to an X Charger. I will sell 215 charger for $400.00

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