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    gp1300r 04'-05' vs 06'+

    Let me start by saying whats up and thanks for any help in advance ! Im looking into a gp1300r and was just wondering if there was any differences between the 2004-2005 models to the 2006 and newer ones ? (besides color schemes of course) are the newer ones faster or have a different set up ? or are they pretty much the same ?

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    the change was made between 2004-2005 models. Power valves were removed and a switch to a larger hub pump. 03-04's were rated at 165hp, 05-08 at 170hp. The 5hp increase was done through a factory change in the ECU tune. Other than that, only color changes.

    Stock, the 05-08 are 1-2mph faster than the 03-04. 03-04,(63-64mph) 05-08(65-66mph)

    God, I miss my gpr's. Haven't jumped a wave in 4 years.

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    03-04 had power valve engines, little better low end
    05 and up non power valve engines and a better updated pump set up that they used until last model year.

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    lol, you beat me!

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    the '03 had the two-piece hull inserts for the pump shoe and plate rather than the one-piece unit in later years (this is a big deal)

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    Quote Originally Posted by steach View Post
    the '03 had the two-piece hull inserts for the pump shoe and plate rather than the one-piece unit in later years (this is a big deal)
    yes its a real big one.

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    Buy an 05 IMO... The non pv and pump are worth the little higher asking price to me.

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