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    New four stroke owner and new to the use of Yamalube Ring Free

    We currently have a 2000 Yamaha XL800 (owned for 1 season) and new to the family a 2005 FX Cruiser HO. My question is for first time use ive read 2 oz. per gallon of fuel for initial shock and 1 oz. per 10 gallons thereafter (same for two and four stroke?). Also is there much of a difference between Seafoam and Ring Free and would you recommend only Ring Free? This is for both skis. Also will the FX Cruiser require an oil change after initial shock treatment? if so when? directly after or after the tank of shock has been run through?

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    What is shock treatment?

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    Never heard of using "Ring Free". X2 on what is "shock treatment" ? The only fuel additives I know guys add in are fuel stabilizer when winterizing and some run a type of octane booster, but never heard about anything called ring free or a shock treatment. Maybe be more specific.

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    Ring free is mainly needed in two strokes to help stop the oil/carbon build up sticking the piston rings to the lands on the piston. Most four stroke motors do not require this addative that I know of. Tommy Jordan

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    Thanks Tommy

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    Yamaha ring free is the same thing as techron that is in the gas when you fill up at a chevron station only difference in the product is the name and the cost

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    Ringfree has been around for a number of years and was just reformulated to handle E-15 gas--the newer formula is called Engine Med RX

    It has a huge following among boat owners for outboard motors of all brands--- especially commercial fisherman who run their engines hard. it keeps the carbon deposits down. There are other brands like Valvtech's Carbon Free as well. I use RF every fillup (1 oz to 10 gallons).

    A typical shock treatment is 1 oz per gallon of fuel----I did that on an old 90hp 2 stroke Mercury outboard i bought and so much carbon came off the cylinder walls and piston tops that it fouled the plugs very badly--after I changed the plugs, it ran like new. Since then, if I've picked up a new "used" motor, i just run the 2oz per 10 gallon ratio for a few tanks and then switch to the normal 1oz per 10 ratio. If you use a 1 to 10 or 2 to 10 ratio, I wouldn't worry about changing the oil until the next regularly scheduled change---if you do a 1 to 1, then I'd change it after that tank.

    Yamaha does recommends it for Waverunners--2 and 4 stroke----here's the link---

    Good stuff---I run it in all 4 of my boat and waverunner motors (2 and 4 stroke) as well as my lawn mower, leaf blowers and cars--- highly recommend it.
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