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    Options for scuffed cylinder??

    So, I opened up the ski to get a good look at everything with this engine that was neglected from the previous owner. Compression was good on both cylinders, but i wanted to replace gaskets, seals, etc.. Below is what I found on the
    rear piston and cylinder. Im wondering what my options are with the cylinder itself? The wall is scuffed a tiny bit. I definitely need to get it smoothed out. Is this a complete re-sleeve or re-plate?

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    First clean it good with soap and water then put muratic acid on the aluminum that is gaulded to the cylinder to remove it then lightly hone it with a long blade hone. As long as it cleans up and there it not deep scratches in the cylinder it may be ok.

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    Hard to tell from the picture but the cylinder looks pretty good to me. Light scuff marks are acceptable, as long as the nicasil coating is not worn thru. Looks like there was no reason to disassemble. Just to replace gaskets? Might want to consider replacing pistons now that it's apart. How many hours?

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    Thanks for the response guys. I decided to take it apart because it was having some bogging issues at wot and the previous owner left the ski sitting with water in the engine compartment. I just didnt feel confident that everything was ok. I was cleaning the power valves when i saw that gouge on the piston so i removed the cylinder to take a closer look. I will replace the pistons since it is open. Its a 2002 with about 130 hours on it. My main concern is that cylinder wall. I will try to take some more pics when i get home. I dont think it went through the coating, so i may be better off than i thought.

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