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    2001 polaris virage 700 fuel tank to oil tank lines?

    I'm restoring a 01' virage 700. i was in the process of getting rid of the oil injection while changing out old fuel lines. to make a long story short i changed my mind and can't remember how the lines from the oil tank hooked into the lines on the fuel tank.

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    The oil hoses in no way connect to the fuel tank, nor to any fuel hose.

    The oil tank connects to the oil pump, with an inline filter near the tank. From the oil pump smaller 3mm (1/8") hoses run to the oil fittings on the engine. These are typically just above or just below the carburetor, but I do not recall exactly for the 700 Virage engine.

    The fuel hoses connect to the carburetor, of course. Be sure to get the connections correct. Only one fitting on the fuel tank is the correct fuel supply nipple. Make sure the crankcase pulse hose is connected to the correct nipple on the carburetor fuel pump.

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