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    Looking at '99 and '01 Ultra 150's tomorrow. Anything I should be aware of on these?

    Hello all. I am going to be looking at a couple of used PWC tomorrow. One is a 1999 Ultra and one is a 2001 Ultra. Both are priced about the same at around $2500 (without trailers) and both have approximately 60 hours on them. Both have been run in fresh water. I'm not familiar with the Ultras at all (other than knowing they were the fastest for awhile). I have owned some mid 90's Sea Doos and a Yamaha, but never a Kawasaki. I just purchased a 2012 Sea Doo GTI with a double trailer which I pick up tomorrow and figure that I would like a smaller, more nimble, and a bit faster ski to sit in the second spot on the rack (to use when I don't have to take the kids out).

    Is there anything in particular I should look for on these skis? Were there any major upgrades (or downgrades) done between the 1999 and 2001 models? Are parts still readily available for these skis?

    I would like to be armed with as much information as possible when I look at them and make my decision. Thank you very much for any guidance which you folks can provide.

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    Welcome aboard, Chilkie!

    This thread will give you some links to look at:

    The Ultra 150 is a fantastic 'Ski, but it does have some weak spots. The oil lines must be inspected and/or upgraded to polyurethane hose. The carbs can be finicky if they get trash in them. I would NEVER use cheapo (i.e. SBT) parts in one. The original cylinders were nikasil plated and should stay that way. The 'Triple Pisser Mod' can be a lifesaver. The older jet pumps had trouble with bearings, but you can easily upgrade to the newer, three seal design that lasts a lot longer. The plug on the back of the speedometer display needs to be sealed with 3M 5200 to keep moisture out. Stock handling leaves a lot to be desired, but mods to trim, ride plate, & sponsons make a world of difference.

    Make sure you take it for a ride before you buy it! Warm it up for a few minutes at moderate speeds before really getting on it, then let it run! Prepare to be amazed!

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