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    Wear ring replacement: $27 or $40?

    Geesh I posted this same question on the sport boat forum 6 weeks ago and no responses... there is a lot more traffic here so I will try again.
    My 2007 Speedster 150 215hp needs a new wear ring. I *think* the correct part number is 267000372.

    eBay has these 2 rings for pretty good prices. I want the cheaper one, but my OEM and replacement wear rings were both white like the second unit. I'm wary about saving $13 with this reddish alternative. Anybody have any input on this? Prices include shipping. Thanks!

    $27 (shipped) red/brown -

    $40 (shipped) white -

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    I would do with the red one, I had bad experience with the white ones. the red looks likes its more rubberish and thats a good thing, the white ones cavitate alot

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    The red ones are junk they have poor clearance get the OEM seadoo one,the new OE ones are blue,seadoo also make a new 161mm impeller amd wearring that makes those rip !

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    I was about to jump on the red one after the first post... but now feel I better wait for someone else to break the tie. Thanks for the responses guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tweeker View Post
    The red ones are junk they have poor clearance get the OEM seadoo one,the new OE ones are blue,seadoo also make a new 161mm impeller amd wearring that makes those rip !
    So you'd say pass on both of the ones I listed and pay a little more for the OEM... like this... $57 shipped.

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    I agree,stick with the OEM one..

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    I bought a wear ring for my old seadoo from that seller. The clearance was total crap and way past OEM specs. I emailed him and he stated, "our customers like more clearance to ease with the install" or something like that. He did however refund my money back so he is a good seller but don't buy his wear rings. OEM is the best outright. But if you want cheaper the white says its WSM. Used those too, good wear ring but harder material. Up to you. I would try the WSM (white) one and see how it holds up but thats my opinion.

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    OEM's the only way to go here! Yes.... you can find cheaper aftermarket rings, but excessive clearance causes cavitation and cavitation burns up props. Wear rings are way cheaper than prop re-welds!

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    Thanks guys. I bought the OEM one for $57 shipped. No sense cheaping out on a cheap part but didn't want to pay dealer/OEM premium if it wasn't worth it....

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    Plus 10000000000000 don't save 10 bucks go Oem if you want to save money take snowman and his lovely wife out to dinner

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