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    Magnapower EXT15L AGM or Everstart ES16CLB SLA battery for 2004 FX HO??

    Machine calls for the ES16CL-B but someone suggested to use the EXT15L because its an AGM and they are better than SLA?? Anyone??

    The EXT15L is smaller than the ES16CL-B so it may move around in the battery tray.


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    Just buy a sealed battery that fits. Wouldn't over think it any more then that. I put battery plus extreme sealed batteries in both my skis and am very happy.

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    There are several types of "sealed" batteries--- AGM is the best---they won't run down when not used for a while and they last much longer than other ones.

    Many folks use Odyssey--- i put them in both my '10 FXHOs

    Here's a link to the size you need for FXHO---

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    Deka ETX16L AGM in my ski. I put an AGM in my quad too. Awesome batteries!

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