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    Strap on the back of jet ski seat

    This might be a dumb question but what is tho strap on the back of the seat for? At 1st I thought it was maybe to hold on but then I was looking at it, and it doesnt seem to be that strong?

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    Just for looks

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    I'm pretty sure it is meant for people to hold on. It won't break, but it will stretch a bit and look crap after a while.

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    Yeah, its pretty useless. I used it to put the seat on or pull it off. I cut it off when I recovered my seat.


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    I have used them and I like them when riding on the back. If you are riding double it is better to have pilot on front seat alone and second rider on back seat (or rear section if long single seat that is on some STX/F-12/15's) and second rider use the strap to hold on. This way you are independent of the pilot and if their head jerks back, etc. no bloody nose/face... lol do not ask me how I know...
    If you are riding 3-up this of course renders it useless.
    They will stay on there and are very comfortable to use 2 up from the back.

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    Two of my riders fell from the port side at midrange speed. I had just turned to see that one was holding on to the other! I know this has little to do with the strap, but I had forgotten that safety point that the third rider needs to hold the handle! Another time, a large female used the strap in some of the worst weather that I've ever ridden. It stretched a good bit, but it held. And after a few days in the sun, it shrunk to normal length.While I'm on the should/could be used as a boarder line for double dude riding.

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    I'm told that it was put on as a result of the lawsuit where the woman fell off and was severely injured by the jet stream... Really bad internal injuries.

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    Some people grab on to reboard just sayin

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    When you have two small cute ladies on the back, everyone just hugs the person in front of them

    But when its you on the rear seat and its too weird to hug the person in front of you (like your own brother ) hanging onto the strap is MUCH less weird/more spacious

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve45 View Post
    I'm told that it was put on as a result of the lawsuit where the woman fell off and was severely injured by the jet stream... Really bad internal injuries.
    I believe thats true. Some rare but terrible injuries have occurred when passenger falls backward off seat with butt tumbling into jet stream. It can literally blow up insides. Its one reason most PWcs now have some type of passenger hand hold. I believe at least one court or jury ruled the absence of hand holds on PWC was negligent design and/or product defect. My experience with strap is mixed. Some of my passengers think it works great and feels secure, others (including myself), less so. The potential for jet stream injury in the rearward fall is why Kawi recommends neoprene instead of cotton or nylon shorts for better protection.

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