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    How do you remove black plugs for stern corner gunwale on 2004 FX HO Cruiser?

    Replacing the rear corner gunwales on my 2004 Yamaha FX HO Cruiser. There are black plugs over top the rivets. I've tried to pry these black plug covers off but they won't budge and I'm actually damaging the rear corner moldings. My last resort was going to be to drill the plug covers and rivets out all at once.

    Anyone have this issue??


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    How much do replacement rivet covers cost? Could you do with out them?

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    New covers are quite cheap just want to know how to take them off so I can get at the rivets?? Worst case I guess I can try and drill them out.

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    Maybe a dab of hot glue on the end of a dowel and when it drys pull it off? Should peel off free once its removed.

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    center punch and drill them. I do it all the time when doing peoples mats

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