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    a few waveblaster exhaust/cooling questions

    I am working on putting a protec pipe on my b1 blaster and have a few questions if anyone could give me some insight.

    First off the pipe is a black protec actually for a vxr. When it comes to waterboxes, it was ran by the previous owner with a rear mounted water box, and the more and more i look at that option I really dont like it. My next option is finding a box that will work in the o.e. spot. Does anyone have any cost sensible ideas on what boxes would work? I think the seadoo hx 180* u turn shape one would work ok but I am not sure what size the inlet/outlet dumps are. Im thinking something like these.

    or .

    Does anyone have the exact dimensions of either of these boxes? I just need something similar in shape /style to these but it has to be very stubby (like as long as the stock box) so i can fit it in sideways and hook it to the pipe and modify the factory exhaust tube to connect to the outlet.

    Next question. Im setting up the dual cooling on this ski and was wondering if the outlet on the pump for the locating/marker sprayer on the back of the ski would be sufficient for the second cooling line, or do i have to drill/tap the second line into the pump?

    Also, i know everyone says run a water box .....blah....noise.....blah people will hate you......but is there any way to create enough back pressure in the tubing to not have to run one? Im not worried about noise as there arnt any restrictions where i ride and it is a play toy/chase vehichle for a jet boat with a 496 bbc running open headers

    thanks in advance to any insight/ thoughts.

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    Gp760 water box under the rear seat works great and its aluminum

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    Ya, I already have one I believe but I'm not real crazy about drilling the bulk head and having to make a arch into a 90 to clear the drive shaft. I feel like this would defeat the purpose in the pipe as I'm adding all the bends back in that I just took out. Plus that requires hacking the foam out then having to come up with a way to secure the box it's self.

    Has anyone/how hard is it to shorten a cylinder shaped box from a raider? I feel like that box would work in te nose if it was about 6-8 inches shorter. Is this something someone with basic welding skills could do?

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    I don't know that using that outlet would be sufficient, but that's my opinion. What other mods are you running? I ran a Groupk Hammer on my blaster with a Factory "Mod" pipe and a 46mm carb and that only required one cooling line, and it ran 60mph on GPS. And, that was with a factory waterbox- as far as my experience showed there was not much to be gained with an aftermarket waterbox aside from sound.
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