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    1999 XL760 stops accelerating at 3/4 throttle - Issue???

    Rebuilt a XL760 last year and issue was there before the rebuild (cylinder, pistons, head). The ski comes out of the hole great, accelerates fine for a small motor in a big ski but at 3/4 thottle it stops accelerating. Speedo says about 45 mph max. If you check the throw of the throttle plates, there is a lot more that opens past 3/4. Ski does not slow down if you give it more gas, but the motor instead of high pitch sounds like a lower drone. Not sure what to look for. Sound like Reeds??? Any other ideas? Other than this the thing rides out great.

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    It could be a fuel flow problem. Things to check would be- filter, fuel tank vent, fuel shut off clogged, fuel lines,

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