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    Virage TX Electrical Box work on a regular Virage?

    Hey all,

    New user to the threads but I've been perusing here for about a day and it's clear you guys know your stuff!

    I may or may not have forgot to remind my buddy to close the plugs in the back of my ski before we put it in the water

    So far the result is that the electrical box definitely needs to be replaced because all of the connections are corroded. The boxes super hard to find but I found this on ebay: a complete box for a "Virage 1200 TX":

    Can anybody tell me if this box will work on my regular 2001 Virage (as in, NOT a Virage TX)? Quite pricey, but if it's the only thing that'll get her back in the water, I'm willing to fork it out. Also, does anybody know what the "6485" is in the picture?

    Thanks in advance for all your help, you guys are awesome.

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    Post some pictures od the box you have. We can tell what to do to clean it up. The Coil and CDI in the box are different in the Virage TX than the Virage you have. 3 cylinder vs. 2 cylinder.

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