My wife's been hassling me to get some of the yard queens on the front row for sale, so I hesitantly dragged my old 98 gtx-rfi into the shop this past weekend. Now armed with a candoo, I thought I'd be able to get tot he bottom of the mysterious MAINT signal issue once and for all. I was reading the codes with my old handheld..but that's a bit painful to deal with ( all codes in hex)

Long story considerably shortened, I'm getting a MAP error from the mpem, but the sensor checks out within range and the wiring does too.

Now if the sensor wasn't $300+ I might be inclined to buy one..I've already bought a second mpem for this ski ( it was a deal) and both report the sensor problem.

Wiring checks out end to end.

I'm fixing a water leak from the exaust manifold, then I'll start fouling up 2000 gallons of fresh tank water with this old girl. Plenty of injector oiled leaked into the crankcase in the last year..and I've run most of that out while on the hose and was reminded I needed to fix the water leak.

I tried a number of things to convince the mpem that the map sensor was in range ( including a couple of 4k resistors across the wiring) ..and it sure seems to be..yet candoo is showing the error

I had some initial trouble getting candoo to talk to this ski..some kind of weirdo post/adapter error..reading fine now..and I did trade email with the candoo guys so if there was an issue with the rfi..I would have been told about it.

I'm gonna part this ski out if I can't get to the bottom of this just isn't worth the pain anymore. The Seadoo manual syas no limp mode for a MAP problem, but last time in the tank..i got to an engine no-start problem and called no joy for the rest of the season. With a fresh battery and a little fuel, she cranked right up, like all was kinda somewhat forgiven

suggestions and or test map sensor loan most welcome.

I might sink that ski in the tank..just for a little YouTube goodness..