93 waverunner 500 I had this thing running great on the trailer just a few days ago. Went to work on my other ski. Tried to start my 500 up again yesterday just to check it. Started right up and idled fine. However, as soon as you push the throttle in at all....nothing. It stays idling and engine rpms do not change at all. Doesn't matter if I give it 1/8 throttle or full throttle, same response. I pulled the carb off and double checked that I cleaned it good. Check. Installed a new carb to manifold gasket. Tried pouring a little extra fuel down the carb before starting and got the same response. Spark plugs are both wet but look good and both have a spark. I am baffled and was planning on going riding this weekend. Like I said, just two days ago I had it running and revved fine. It just sat overnight and now this. I am stumped. Ive got a carb rebuild kit on the way but I don't believe that is going to change anything. Suggestions? Thank you!

BTW. I also just tried to bypass the temp sensor by unpluggin the pink and black wires and there was no change.