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    What's the best battery to buy for my rxt

    Looking to buy a new battery I want the best money can buy any advice ?

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    Lightbulb Replacement battery

    Quote Originally Posted by smoked134134 View Post
    Looking to buy a new battery I want the best money can buy any advice ?
    Batteries are not made the same.
    Seadoo Xp 96' - 3 batteries in five years not OEM; till Katerina killed it.
    Yamaha Xl limited 00' 2 batteries since own it in 2006, one from Walmart and other OEM. "Still going"
    Both GTX 04 and RXP 05' has OEM batteries, replace one last year and the other year before.
    It doesn't have to be OEM just don't go cheap on yourself!
    The auto stores will last maybe two years. I took the one out of the Yama and brought inside for winter and it still died after two years; it's in the plates and most auto ones have thin plates.
    Hope this helps.

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    Deka all the way ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpt7779 View Post
    +1 I have an AGM 12volt 26A. Just disconnect it when off season and that's it. Mine stays at garage for 6 months at least and does not need to be charged. This is my third year and these batteries can go easily 5 to 6 years. Also instantly they produce a lot more amps for cranking the engine, my ski fires up instantly. I wound not look for anything else but an AGM battery.

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    None of these are the best money can buy.

    You want an Li3 Never-Die

    The size for a ski costs about $400, I think, but is going to give you:
    - Enough CCA for a large car
    - auto shut-off so it can never die
    - a 15-year+ lifespan
    - 8 year warranty
    - 25,000 charge cycles
    - plus they weigh almost nothing. I think the size you'd need weighs maybe 2lbs.

    Not sure who has them local to you, but my dealer in St Pete has a full stock. Just search Barney's St Pete (FL)

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    +1 on the if I was going on an artic or round the world jetski expedition, I might be willing to drop $400 on a battery, but that's insane given the price / performance history on deka and odyessy.

    the uber low weight means a great battery for racing applications..

    expect the shipping to be pretty pricey given the haz/mat nature of the product

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    Here you go. I beleive it is made by Deka also. Ive had mine for years and it works great!.

    here is a coupon code also for

    Coupon Code: trt41
    Advance Auto Parts: Save $40 Off Your Order of $100 or More, For a Limited Time. Plus, Free Shipping over $75.

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    I use Optima batteries in all my vehicles im pretty sure they make a marine one as well. Great battery i always thought they were the least for vehicles.

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    It pays to shop around also. I bought my last two Deka AGM's from our local battery Deka distributor here in Indianapolis for about $90 each, quite a bit less than many of the online places.

    Edit: I just called them up to get current price, and they are now $110 each. But they always carry lots of stock, no waiting for them.
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