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    2001 Seadoo GTX DI Problem HELP!!!!

    Hi, I need all the help I can get, I have just had a rebuilt engine put in my seadoo, since I put had this put in I found at low rpm my ski skips and jumps and dosent want to go very hard to get up on a plane, can after a while get to about 4200rpm that's around half throttle any more throttle my ski bogs down and won't go any better, I am new at this and don't know much about skis I live in a country area and the closest seadoo mech is about 5 hours drive, I have changed fuel and oil not quite sure where to go from here the guy who installed my engine is being hard to get along with. All I want is the ski to go and any help will be appreciated.. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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    1,709 just paid for a rebuilt engine and the mechanic is being a dick? Did he just install your supplied engine?

    Problem here is a DI is a very difficult ski to diagnose, less fix any problem without a code reader. A candoopro code reader ( a must to solve this kind of issue given your remote location) runs $400

    you getting a maint indicator on the dashboard?

    Was this a real shop or just a guy working out of his backyard?

    oh yeah..welcome to GH the more exact details you can supply, the better help you'll find here.

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    Also if you went ahead and spent the money for that engine....,might i suggest(recommend)The CANdoo system.. Its a MUST for the DI skis

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    Thank you for your response, I will look into candoo pro, the problem was we brought the ski with the impression that one of the rave valves was faulty, when we brought it home it had a seized engine, this mech was a business with a website and plenty of reviews, we paid big dollars for a full rebuild of engine, have noticed everything else in ski has not been touched. As far as we know the whole block has been done, ski starts easy, and idle good any throttle at low just jumps around like its missing and once it gets to 4200 rpm with steady throttle it cruises any more throttle just bogs, very frustrating when I am new at jet skis.

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