Kawasaki 1100 Motor in a Seadoo HX PLATE From the Rad Dudes

Guys and Girls have asked for it so here it is. Big thanks to Chris03HD for beating out a plate and proving it works for over a year.
See his full build here.

The Rad Dudes 1100 HX plate is a full Aluminum Plate Laser cut and CNC bent to fit a Kawasaki 650,750,800,900, or 1100 in a Seadoo HX Hull.
-Uses stock 951 Seadoo mounts (or you can use aftermarket mounts like Rhass)
-The driveshaft is made from 2, 951 Seadoo driveshafts that are then machined down to fit the kawi motor side and the HX pump side. This will be done by Chris03HD by customers sending him 2 shafts as cores.

Plate price is $320 plus shipping and at this time we just made 6 to see how they sell.