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    2001 Seadoo GTX DI bogging problem

    Hi, having problems with my recently rebuilt engine, starts good and idles fine, found at low rpms ski jumps and skips a lot takes a lot to get to 4200rpm half throttle, any more throttle ski just bogs down, I have checked spark plugs, cleaned fuel lines, air lines, cleaned fuel and oil tanks, raves cleaned, cleaned air/fuel rail, fuel pump goes, solenoid clicks, conducted fuel pressure test have exhausted all options, one question is the two regulators on fuel rail I cannot blow through not sure if this is ok or not, I am new at this engine type work but not sure where to go from here please help!!!!

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    Does it give you a MAINT warning? If not, then you have a few things to try out. I would start first with the regulator/rectifier. Disconnect this and try running it. (charge the battery good first) A regulator with a shorted diode will cause AC injection into the system which will make it run like what you say. You didn't give any details about how you did the fuel pressure test. Give us all the details of how you did the test and your findings. (DI's have a two stage fuel regulation approach) Finally, did you check air pressure? This also will cause the same issues you are seeing.

    If it gives you a MAINT warning, then you must scan the faults and correct the fault first.

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    Thank you for you response, there is no maint light or warning, fuel pressure test was conducted with fuel pressure gauge, I attached gauge to output of fuel pump, before filter, placed lanyard on and pressure went to 25psi, cranked engine pressure went up to 100psi, according to google this is ok.
    What should I see with regulator/rectifier disconnected?
    How can I check the air pressure?
    When I purchased ski I was told one of the rave valve was not working was told about $140 to replace and my bad I never had engine inspected will never make this mistake again, without having some knowledge on jetski or mechanics, I am not sure how I can check that these are working ok, the guy who rebuild engine said they look fine.

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    The air pressure is directly proportional to the fuel pressure. If the air pump was not working properly you would have never gotten 100psi fuel pressure. I would suspect either a bad rectifier or dirty/plugged/water contaminated fuel filter.

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