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    zxi1100 carb upgrade?!

    hey guys i am in need of some info i have just got a set of 2002 zxi1100 carburetors for my 96 zxi1100 i know they will bolt up but the question is the fuel lines etc.. the 96 carbs have 4 hoses going to them two that are fuel i can tell and another two going from the manifold to the carbs my 2002 carbs have only 3 hoses available what do you guys think should i just plug one of the hoses going to the manifold or t it off? thanks

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    I believe that has come up before, perhaps it was putting the old carbs on the newer engine. Anyway, there is a fuel inlet line, a return line, and a pressure pulse hose that goes to the crankcase to run the fuel pump. I believe you can block the unused hose coming from the crankcase.

    Remember, on the CV carbs (newer ones) you MUST use the stock flame arrestor and choke setup to get proper fuel metering.

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    I'd much rather have the ones you currently have. Much easier to tune in for high performance. A CV carb is a great carb ..............for a motorcycle, they don't belong on watercraft.

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