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    SL 750 Loses Power and Drops to Idle

    The engine compartment filled w about 8" of water, just enough to cover the batter. Now the ski loses power after about 30 seconds and drops to idle. It can be worked back up to a fast speed but it only lasts a few seconds. It keeps repeating this cycle. I am ready to replace it unless there is a relatively easy fix. It has been running unbelievably well all these years with zero modifications to it. Any advice? Thanks.

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    Did you open the electrical box and inspect inside? My guess is that it is wet inside - dry it out, let it air dry completely. You want zero corrosion and zero moisture inside, then reassemble. Make sure the gasket ring between the box halves is in place and not damaged.

    Be sure to disconnect the battery before opening the electrical box.

    Also make sure the plastic battery cover is present and in place before strapping the electrical box back on top of the battery.

    If it has been running well for years and you want it to continue to run well do NOT simply keep riding it. Your machine is now well over ten years old. It needs maintenance. See my signature links for common maintenance items and known issues and updates.

    The blue Fuji engines are quite reliable when well maintained, and the light weight and fun riding dynamics of the SL hull cannot be matched with any modern, new PWC. They literally do not make them anymore.

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    I will give that a try. We aren't riding it, just testing it. Replaced the plugs as they were black hoping that would do but it didn't. I will check the box this weekend. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex-7 View Post
    ... We aren't riding it, just testing it...
    I was talking about AFTER you solve whatever the current problem is.

    Your machine is old enough that pro-active maintenance and a preventative approach can make a huge difference in how much longer you can keep it running, relatively trouble free.

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