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    2001 seadoo GTX DI HELP!!!

    Hi can anyone help I have four vent tubes in my ski two below the seat holder and two in the front engine compartment
    None of them go anywhere, I have been informed that they are to stop ski sinking, not sure if they need to be connected on both sides or just on to the vent holes???
    also in the manual it states you can check the resistance values of components it states to conduct this check by getting the resistances between circuits eg- circuits 3-14 where do I find this plug

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    3-14 refers to large plug on mpem with '3' on it circuit 14. I suggest you bone up on testing as jamming a probe in there can ruin the connector...and that ain.t a cheap or easy fix.

    at some point buy a code reader like candoo...otherwise it is really going to get expensive

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