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    1st service help

    ok my FZR as arrived to the hours of 1st service and not sure what oil should i put? a friend told me to use Mobil 1 synthetic 15w50 and another one told me to use Yamalube 10w40, so there i'm confused. thanks

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    Personally, I use yamalube 10w-40. You'll get a lot of different answers here on which oil people prefer but IMO for a ski that is stock/ lightly modded the recommended yamalube is the best choice.

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    What ^ said. Easiest choice is what is recommended by manufacturer. I use the Yamalube and Yamaha Filter

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    Make sure you get the right Yamalube for supercharged engines is all. I don't use Yamalube. I use ATV oil that meets all of the manufacturers specifications in a wet clutch application and a NAPA oil filter that is the same as the Yami oem filter because I ride so much and change oil so often. Congratulations on your new ski!

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