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    Lasportsmn's sharing of his 300x personal opinion.

    ******Before I start this thread I will say again that before you modify any ski in any way you are taking the chance to damage your ski and void your warranty.*******
    It has been brought to my attention that many think we have all these secrets about what we have done to out 300s.
    Here is the list of items that many of us have tested. Yes we may tweek the items but that is for our application. What I do to my ski is different than what Waz and Tommy do to ride offshore or the other members that only rec ride.
    We have posted this info since the 300 has come out. Just because something has not been posted as tested does not mean it has not been tried. Truse me we have done quite a bit of testing of the "what if we try ????" factor.
    It is not us hiding anything but why post up something isn't working and talk badly about something. We have just chosen to share what does work.

    Here is what I say and this is solely my opinioin and what works. I have nothing to hide and the others don't either because they have all posted up on here their set ups. Many of which have been around since 07. It is all here on the forum. THe Ultra platform has very few aftermarket items for it so there can not beany big deal to figure out. THis is also the opinion of quite a few others as we all worked together to find the right combos.

    ECU- Stock is just fine, I have the dynotronics which has worked very well for me. I do not feel the ECU tune is needed for
    anything other than a closed course ski or drag ski since that is the only place I notice a gain.
    SCOM- Riva, R&D, or aussie- Yes I use them and feel they are safe to get the added RPMS and speed I want on my ski.
    Intake grate- Stock for rough
    R&D all around best IMO
    Riva/TBM- calmer river riding
    Ride plate- stock, R&D. As far as I am concerned these are the only two options.There are others and yes I have them in my shop and have been
    Impeller- Solas 14/21
    Air supply- allow all the air possible to the engines. How you do it will vary depending on how and where you ride. THis I will not say
    do it one way or the other. What I will say is be ure the vent hoses are not blocked by anything in any way to get max air
    into the ski.
    Wedge- Somelike it some hate it. Personally mine is sitting on the shelf and I did not like it. A gain in top speed was gotten but I did not like it.

    The only other things I have done to my ski are handling mods. I have Farthing steering and sponsons and a jet trimseat cover. My combo is the R&D plate and grate, solas 14/21, riva air intake, dynotronics ecu tune, riva SCOM. Everything else is stock. I even have the BOV on and at factory setting. Learn how to take what you have andmake it work best for you. Skis with the identical set up as mine all perform differenty because of somany reasons. Make it work for you.
    This has been posted on here for quite some time. The biggest secret we have is go out and learn how to ride your ski. It is proven at almost every race the fastest ski is rarely the first one across the line unless you are drag racing 660 feet. Yes I tweek all my parts but mostly it is me that wins the race not what mods I have on the ski. I have proven it last year racing on a bonestock 300 with only the scom because people said I could not beat them on that ski. I even competed on a 2010 PX bone stock and won. I even had a very good rider on my 300 for that race. Bottom line guys is so many people come on this site looking for the magical pixie dust. There is none. With these few mods you will have a 72-76 mph 300x. My ski is an upper 75 mph ski. If you learn how to ride it you can be just as good as any other ski/rider combo.

    NOW everyone here has the big secret that all of us are hiding from everyone.

    Personally if I were to have a 300 for rec use, I would ONLY have an scom on it. I would leave the entire thing bone stock because they are a very reliable ski and come from the factory set up very well and all the other things I have done extra to my ski only gave me 2.5-3 mph above what I got with only the scom. That is tons of money and time to get the little extra BUT it works for how I use my ski.
    Those of you who are now scared of the SCOM because of the other thread, that is fine don't install it and you still have the most bad ass factory ski on the market and while I do not recommend treating them the way a few skis are treated around here those skis have proven to me how reliable the Kawasaki Ultra 300 actually is. If you are not adding the SCOM there is no reason to add anything else to the ski. It is perfect just the way it is.
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    Good info.
    My personal preference for offshore racing is
    Solas 14/21
    R&d intake grate
    R&d ride plate
    TBM offshore risers and bars
    Free air mods AKA air hole u dee right side cowl
    Free air flow intake
    Lifter wedges

    For non racing applications

    R&d intake
    Lifter wedges
    TBM offshore bars

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    Thank you for sharing your information Tommy. You and I have very different riding areas so it is good to see the different set ups.

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    +1 Good info

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    +1 Good info not forget thisClick image for larger version. 

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    Hello, been a while since we've been on this section of GH - hope you are well!

    Here is some information that might assist:

    will save you some reading time - for offshore we are running a stock engine with R&D SCOM, wet pump, breathing and a modified prop, that's it..... pray for 5 footers and go kick ass.

    (you could make the valid argument that the wet pump is not required with the new bearing setup on the 300...)

    Flat water? Whole different gig...

    Ride hard and ride safe
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    Quote Originally Posted by Socaloffshore View Post

    Flat water? Whole different gig...
    So what's your ideal flat water set-up? Ive received advice from some very respected riders on here but always interested in hearing what others have tried to achieve results.

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    Thanks for the good info.

    Setback Skat 14 vane 155 for long/endurance races is a good mod, (if you have coin, Im a po man) also for flat speed. Do not know about this set-up for CC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benno1 View Post
    So what's your ideal flat water set-up? Ive received advice from some very respected riders on here but always interested in hearing what others have tried to achieve results.
    Benno1 - I really don't know a lot about flat water and the best setup for top speed - I ride almost exclusively ocean. I'd probably be doing you an injustice with any feedback / opinion. The little I do know involves getting the front end out of the water (riva plate), no top loader intake grate, as much air as possible without allowing for water intrusion, and the appropriate pitched prop.

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    Absolutely awesome machine. As someone that rides a lot and owns a FX-SHO and now a new RXP-X I think I have a fairly unbiased opinion about skis and love the ride of the Ultra 300. if I can only convince my wife to let me have a 3rd ski.

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