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    Question yamaha waverunner 3 questions

    a couple years ago we bought a 92 wr3 650. the guy we bought it from did a bunch of mods to the ski. 633 heads. dual carbs. k and n filters. bigger fuel filter. oil delete( although the oil injector is still in there just disconnected). better exhaust. better waterbox. different rideplate. solas impeller. and a different housing for the impeller. theres no rubber wear ring its metal. we also had a problem where a grinding noise would happen every once and a while from the jet drive. vibrating the whole ski violently and not letting it get up to speed. it would happen on and off and we ignored it until it finally always shook. being a mod ski the grease fitting was moved so we found that and greased the drive. im just wondering what caused this?

    last summer we pick up a stock 92 wr3 as a twin to this one. of course it had some problems. first it didnt start. we took it to a shop and had the started sileniod and starter motor replaced. once these were replaced it ran fine shook violently just like the other one. so i have both jet drives taken apart trying to find out what is wrong. well the stock one was a huge bend on the problem solved or is there something else contributing to the shaking? why was the mod ski shaking? should i worry about it?

    so my questions that need answering

    1. why was the mod ski shaking and what should i do about it if anything besides just greasing the fitting?

    2. should i do an oil delete on the new ski and how would i do that? would i need to take the injector out or can i leave it in like the other ski and just disconnect it?

    3. was it just the bent impeller making the stock ski shake or could there be something else doing it too? the mod skis impeller was fine but it shook too.

    4. should i put a stock impeller back into the stock ski or buy a solas impeller like the mod ski has? ( solas yb-sc-b)

    5. while these are fresh water skis there is some oxidation on the drives, id like to paint them, has anyone done this? how should i prep them and what should i use to paint them?

    6. is there a liquid gasket between the parts of the jet drive? if so where would i get that/ what is it called for when i reassemble the drives?

    7. and last question, for now, what is the stock carb settings for this ski?, the stock ski seems to idol high.

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    1. and 4. The W3 has a real long driveshaft, if the prop is clean you may want to check bearings in the intermediate shaft. You can check the pump bearings when you change the stock prop for a Skat Trak. A must do, the stock prop sucks big time on those.
    2. Remove the injector pump and put or make a block off plate for it. Remove the oil tank and all the lines. A simple rubber cap on the oil port on the intake. Premix works way better on these old ones, and you will run better, use less oil too.
    3. Bent prop can make the ski shake, but looks like you have another issue. Check intake grate, I usually cut a couple of bars out to reduce weeds getting caught in it.
    6. Yes, Yamahabond 4 or Honda Bond 4 is the sealant used. You probably could use RTV if you want, but the Honda Bond works well. Honda motorcycle shop.
    7. If it runs well, just adjust the idle screw and not the low/high adjusters. 1300-1400 rpm in water is about right.
    Have fun, W3's are a lot of fun, spin out easy and crazy.

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    Yeah I'm replacing all the bearings and seals in both of them. I ordered the prop already, stock though because this one is stock the othet one we have is got all performance parts in it. And the Impeller was severally bent forward sp I'm hoping that was it. Along with new bearings and seals I hope that solves the problem

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    Hey just trivial ...but way more than 3 questions Ha Ha Good Luck

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