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    1998 XL 1200 problem

    Need some advise guys,

    I plan to block off the oil pump on my 98 XL1200 and XL700 to avoid any oil starvation problems. Seems like a straight forward job, remove pump block off pump mount and plug oil lines. Anything I'm missing? Also on the 1200 every once in awhile it seems to cavatate apon acceleration, just revs and will no get up and go, is this a sign of bad intake grate seals or???? Still crappy weather here but soon things will change.Thanks.

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    Dont forget to zip tie the oil float up to keep the low oil light from staying on. Theres plenty of posts on it, check the how tos. Do you have a plug kit installed? Also, If its an original wear ring, check the gap between the housing, and impeller

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    Wow! totally didn't think of the float, Thanks. You refered to a plug kit, do you mean for the oil pump? I have not bought one yet. I will check the clearance in the housing.

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    No, a plug kit for your intake and pump shoe. It basically fills all the voids, and prevents cavitation.

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    Will order a kit today. Thanks

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