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    Tire and wheel experts

    This is off topic but is anyone here a tire and wheel expert? I have an 05 Silverado extended cab. Im wanting to put 22 SS Wheels on the truck. The truck is stock front with drop shackles in the rear to level the truck out. The truck currently has 275/55/20 tires on it. Im just wondering would 305/40/22 fit?

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    Pretty sure those are going to rub bad. I have a leveling kit on the front of my 07 4x4 and I have a little rub with 285/60/R20's if I dip through a hard turn. I have the same off set as the stock rims too.

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    Depends on how wide and the backspacing and offset of the wheels

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    Check out truck forums. Probably even a silverodo forum that's have people who will know.

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    1999-2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (2005)
    Wheel Size: 16x7 to 26x10.5
    Bolt Pattern: 6x5.5/139.7
    Offset Range: +4 to +25

    Lower the offset, the more they stick out. My 06 tahoe has the same wheel specs. My 22's have a +18 offset. My first set of tires were 305-40-22, no rub at all. my current tires are 305-45-22. They will rub on the plastic wheel well liner at full locked turn.

    Overall tire diameter
    275-55-20 10.5"wide x31.55" tall
    305-40-22 12" wide x 31.60"tall
    305-45-22 12" wide x 32.8" tall <~~that is why mine rub when turning

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    I have 305 /35 - 24 on my 07 Yukon and they rub a bit on the torsion bars at full lock.

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