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    Post Wtb 155mm 7/12 or 7/14 skat swirl impeller

    Just like the title says looking for a 7/12 or 7/14 skat trak 155mm swirl impeller. Thanks

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    Anyone have one to sell?

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    I think your numbers are wrong... whats this going into??

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    7/12 swirl was made for a xl700. Not that it is going on a xl700 because it is going in a little aftermarket ski I have that will have a 155 pump from a gp1200 with the little 701 I have laying around until my Power House Performance 898 is done. Then I will need another impeller to match that motor. That is why I would like to keep cost down on the first one at least

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    You're looking for a needle in a haystack but you might find a stock XL700 impeller.

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    I actually found one! We will see if it is the right one when it comes in

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