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    engine cover missing

    Just purchased a 2012 GTR 215 and it does not have an engine tells me that it did not come with one. Does anyone know if it is suppose to have one. I am assuming that it is suppose to keep water off of the spark plugs.

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    The dealer is telling the truth. The 2012 skis did not have the cover.

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    Looks much better without one

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    Yup no cover. I bought the plastic valve cover because the seats aren't waterproof either and if you ride in salt it gets in the seat and then drains out the bottom all OVER your engine. So I did two things, put the plastic cover on the valve cover part only, and took black duct tape (cheap and works) over the bottom of the seat drains. Of course I rinse it all down with fresh water and soap and remove seat and stand up right to drain.

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    There's rubbers that should have Dow Corning to stop water getting into the coils.
    GTR does not come with the engine cover. Other models do; number 3 $42 .
    its a pos, was the first thing I took off my PX. I am hunting for a valve cover but.

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