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    Polaris 900 Choke cable question

    I need a little help,

    I just rebuilt a POlaris 900sl (my first one) and I cant remember how the choke cable was installed it seems like its to long or something. My question is about the arm on the carb should it be facing up or down? I just cant seem to get this stupid choke cable back on right please help!!!

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    The throttle and choke cables are side by side at the intake manifold- do you have them reversed ?

    If I remember correctly- the choke cable will pull the choke arm down- to close the choke plates- you will see the 3 choke plates close at the top of the carbs- When closed-that is choke ON.

    Note: the 96 and 97 used very different set up at the other end-one on console-other on handle bars
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    They are not side by side the throttle cable is to the front of the ski and the choke is off on the left side the cable length is 55in which is correct.

    Well i took some drastic measures and shorten the cable its on and it works so Im good thanks

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