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    Supercharger washers and intake questions.

    Alright guys, first off i must say thanks to everything this forum has offered me. The knowledge base on here is phenomenal and has helped me out quite a bit. That stated i pulled the supercharger off my 07 215hp motor today. From the looks of it i seem to have grey ceramic washers, there are no markings on them on the outside edge but i just want to make sure that these are ceramic and not upgraded steel ones (2nd owner but bought it with only 8 hours on it... so i doubt the washers have been replaced)

    Second, i figured while i was in there i would do a 4in intake upgrade with the 620WD kanaflex tube. I do have a couple of questions.

    For the 4in to 3inch converter are most people using the R & D adapter here on 4-techperformance? or some other adaptor?

    And for the air filter, $10.99 for what looks like a red spectre 4inch air cleaner ->

    Or should i just go with the spectre one ->

    Thanks guys... pics below of the washers.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20130416_150921.jpg 
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ID:	298673Click image for larger version. 

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    thanks for the suggestion. keep em coming.

    Also can standard worm gear clamps be used on the formed tube between the supercharger and throttle body?

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    Where are you located sir?

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    me? i am located in southern california.

    T bolt clamps... done, those look MUCH better than worm gear clamps for that pressurized pipe. What size 3.25? 3.5?

    As far as the intake i plan on keeping the stock PCV system in place and not running a catch can... the oil vapors i am fine with in the intake, keeps everything from rotting due to water and keeps intake / exhaust valves and upper cylinder happy. That stated does anyone have a line on a 4inch tube with a 5/8ths T...

    something like this

    but 4in in diameter.

    Also has anyone used 4 inch exhaust pipe for various intake fitting parts? Used it on a couple of home made intakes before but never in a water craft.

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    dont bother running a filter on the 4in intake just grab a 4in velocity stack and maybe a a screen over it to stop anything big from gettin sucked in.

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    eh never liked the fact it didnt have a filter, if i was out for pure racing performance than ya but a filter it a welcome addition.

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    I also run a velocity stack with stainless mesh on my ski, have a look at your stock air box, it has no filter, mesh or anything in it.

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    i know... most watercraft dont have any type of air filter... but really truthfully never understood it, an air filter isnt going to cause any restriction and will only prolong the life of the motor.

    OK so back to the main question.... supercharger washers... are those the craptastic ceramic ones?

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