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    2001 gtx no start

    I have a 2001 gtx 951 di I just bought this ski and rebuilt the engine, THE PROBLEM!!! The ski will not turn over at all when I put the key in it just makes one solid beep not like my other one that makes two beeps. WHAT IVE DONE SO FAR 1. I jumped the starter solenoid and it cranks over fine. 2nd I checked the voltage going in to the starter solenoid because every time I push the start button it does not make that click as the solenoid should, so I checked the voltage and when I clicked the button and my voltage meter showed -12.9 volts and I had the + on the red and yellow wire and the - on the black so I know I was not testing it wrong I don't know what would cause this, also it does not stop putting -12.9v until I pull the lanyard. What could Cause This??????

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    Maybe the lanyard is bad or not making the wright contact. sometime they take a shit. Check all the wirer and plugs in the wright holes. One time I put a plug in wrong under the front hood and had the same thing happen. Someone on here should known. Sorry I dint help.
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