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    Im looking at a SLT 750 next week!

    After missing an entire summer due to school I now live on the colorado river so Ill be out all the time on my SL 750! I am looking at a 3 seat slt 750 to pick up for the wife and guests. I hope it is in decent shape.

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    I'm still new to all this, However I'm loving my rebuild on my 95 SLT 750. It's really fun and I can't wait till I get to hear her run. (It's a girl) Anyway you'll find tons of info on here when it comes to rebuilding those skis and you've got so much knowledge at your fingertips it's not even funny. Once I found this website before I bought my ski I figured what the hell. Picked mine up from a guy that owned it since new. Middle to late 50's took exceptional mechanical care of it not so much on the exterior as it sat outside a lot. But I did pick up this great ski and double trailer with original title and registration on trailer for only........ $400. A steal I would say. Good luck and posts some pics if you pick it up. I've got a thread where I'm working on mine labeled 95 Polaris SLT repair/replace/restore

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